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Monthly update
Well, just when I thought I'd never have work again, my ex starting booking me events up where I used to live in San Luis Obispo. I will be up there the next two weekends doing gigs. Then I have to go back again the first week of Oct. to do at least one more event. I love going; I get to see my kids, I get to visit the town I love the most, I get to get out of from behind the Orange Curtain for a few days. But it also throws my weekly class schedule into chaos and I have to reschedule everything. I'll have some money to pay bills at least. And the weather is incredible up there this time of year. Many people go to Morro Bay in the fall and winter because of the mild weather.
I'll be taking the Amtrak again. Which means I still don't have a car. That too has it's plusses. I always get a lot of reading done, and it's grist for the mills for my novels. I'm still participating in www.bookcrossing.com, so I try to leave at least one book on the train. I'm halfway through Danielle Steel's Kaleidoscope, so if I finish it on time I can leave it on the train.
I hope the rest of you are enjoying the last days of summer.


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