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I just finished this new animation, using my webcam to take self portraits. That took a bit of doing, but now that I'm done I can go eat dinner.

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Hey Adriana and EveryoneI finally got this to work. I have no idea why the first disk in the series was such a problem. AnyDVD did not show any encryption differences and failed in the background and ripped to HD. The others copied just fine with Shrink and AnyDVD in the background. There was still an issue with disk one, even if I only did two episodes at once. The others did all 4 on the DVD just fine?????. So...when Ireland posted the beta release yesterday I downloaded it and tried it this afternoon. The episodes all together still failed, in the background or ripped. Finally it worked when I split it in half and burned to two DVD's. Pain in the...well...you know!Thanks everyone for all your help, if you have any insight as to why this was happening, let me have it!Cheers!http://www.myspace.com/kittyprincess "Whatever the next best thing is, it better not suck." Ripper ROCKED this sig for me!

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